The Write Stuff

Sometimes, well a lot of times, I just get writer’s block.  I want to write every single day but life gets busy and hectic.  I end up storing things in my head only to lose it (forget it) later on.  I love to be inspired (who doesn’t?) and sometimes just a word or a picture can get those wheels a-turnin’ and your mind a-workin’.
So here are a few wonderful sites I want to share with anyone who is interested (and for me to quickly come back to again and again).
Devote one minute a day to writing.  How hard can that be?  You just need to be consistent!
This site is now closed but the past posts are full of inspiration.
For freelance writers, writing fiction,nonfiction and copywriting.  Have fun and become a better writer.

Learn to Write Fiction
Tools and strategies to write your novel.

The Write Prompts
Prompts to help kickstart your writing.

Writer’s Digest
Write better.  Get published.

Writer’s Inspired
Writing prompts to inspire you.

Writing prompts and journal topics.

Daily Writing Practice
I love this site!  It is full of inspiration!

Seven Days, Seven Answers
Read the cue.  React to the cue.

Sunday Scribblings
Sunday Scribblings was set up to provide inspiration and motivation for anyone who enjoys writing and would like a weekly challenge.

Writer’s Digest – 101 Best Websites for Writers:  Creativity and Challenges

Writing Fix
Great site for teachers, students, and writers.

Words, Words, Words, and Phrases
A daily word blog full of “new words, favorite words, and origins of phrases”.

Carry On Tuesday
Very interesting…Each week Carry On Tuesday will publish either a famous quotation or the opening lines of a book, song or poem and invite you to Carry On where words stop. You may use some of the words or all of them either at the start of your piece or within the body of your work.

Three Word Wednesday
Three words every Wednesday to write about.


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