Don’t You Just Wish…

…that you could sometimes capture a moment and not let it pass and just keep it forever?  That things won’t change?

This is a sentimental post.  In a few more days Little Miss Daisy will turning 6 years old (InshaAllah)!

The years have passed by so very quickly and seeing my little baby grow up (especially since I know that she is the last one) is heartbreaking for me.

Last night Daisy just looked so fragile and petite (her feelings got hurt and she had the most sorrowful, vulnerable look on her) and then one moment later she was so strong and independent…resilient in that the bounced back, went to go wash up and put her pajamas on.

I cried last night and gave her a big hug (the kind of hug where you just tightly hold your child and bury your head in their hair and take deep breaths to forever remember their scent).  She looked up from the hug and just wiped my tears away.

Daisy:  “What’s the matter Mama?”

Me:  “You’re growing up and I am gonna miss you.”

Daisy:  “I am not going anywhere Mama.”

Well, for now she’s not.

This morning she wanted to be a ballerina.  I combed her hair up into a tiny ballerina bun.  She danced around in her little pink tutu and then minutes later settled down to do her homework. 

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2 Responses to Don’t You Just Wish…

  1. Umm Aaminah says:

    Salaam sis and masha’Allah, I know exactly what you mean! It’s a moment of pride for how beautifully they are growing and a moment of heartache to lose this moment in time. May Allah protect our children, amin!

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