As Pretty as a Picture

I was driving around my old neighborhood in Ghafiyah today.  This is an older neighborhood filled with a lot of run-down homes built together all helter-skelter and dirt roads that ride like a roller coaster because of the ruts and bumps.

I did noticed some new things in my old neighborhood.  The middle school for girls looks like they are planting date trees and paving the outside perimeter of the school with a brick parking lot.  Some older homes also have new coats of paint and trees and bushes are being planted.  So there is a lot of remodeling that seems to be going on.

I was delighted to see one home painted with such a refreshing scene that I had to share it here.  The artist used the outside wall of the courtyard as a canvas so that anyone passing by will get to enjoy the picture too.

Ayman the artist

I thought that it was really neat that someone would do this as a form of advertising for themselves and also to brighten up a little bit of Ghafiyah.

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4 Responses to As Pretty as a Picture

  1. Wow this is so cool! Where is it in Sharjah? I must visit it 🙂

    • MaryAnn says:

      The house is in Ghafiyah. Right across the street from Al Manar Middle School. All these schools are in a cluster so it is easy to find. Al Manar is the school with all the Eid Al Watani paintings on the walls.

      I visited your blog. MashaAllah you have an energetic writing style…very refreshing ♥

  2. Noor says:

    Wow mashAllah that is so nice I love it.

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