Brrrrrr…I Am a Wimp

My dad always jokes with me that if the temperature gets below 100F that I am freezing!

Well yeah he is right.  I am so used to the temperatures being over or around 100F (what is that in Celsius…32C?).  I have what is called “acclimated” to my environment.  

Yesterday and today the girls and I have been freezing…and it was only 68F/20C.  I finally gave in and turned the heater on! Last night I slept with two fluffy blankets because it got down to the 50’s ….how would I handle it if I was back home and it was snowing?!?!

Here is my heater turned on full blast this morning and I was sitting right next to it to warm up!

And this is what I am drinking to warm up…a huge mug of green tea and mint without sugar…because I am attempting to be sugar-free (we’ll see how long that lasts) 

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2 Responses to Brrrrrr…I Am a Wimp

  1. Jennifer says:

    Essalam Alaikum, I am also living in the desert and have found that my body is just now starting to adjust to it, meaning I’m freezing at night when I used to open my bedroom window at 50 something degrees. Subhan’allah it is indeed funny.

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