Feeling Trigger Happy




Country Music


(this post is definitely not about what you were initially thinking)

These are all my triggers to overeating.  When I am depressed or stressed out I raid the kitchen cupboards and the fridge.

I find myself innocently doing these things….

Whenever I am sick (and I am recovering from being sick almost a week) all I want are some comfort foods.

Country music….need I say anything about this?!?!  I think that it has depressing lyrics and listening to it makes a person want to wallow in misery and self-pity 

Anyways, I rarely (if ever) listen to music but every once in a while a song will pop into my head (Alabama and George Strait or even Miss Reba MacIntyre) and will get me into a depressive mood.

And boredom is maybe my #1 trigger happy enemy so I have to find productive ways to keep myself busy.

Because when I am busy I will not (over) eat.

I have to learn to   myself and find other ways (besides food) to occupy my time and emotions.

So every day, every moment, I need to ask myself…

“What would a person who loves herself do?”

This can be my weight loss mantra

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One Response to Feeling Trigger Happy

  1. Umm Aaminah says:

    Masha’Allah sis, a beautiful way to look at it!

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