My Husband is in Love With Another Woman…

and her name is Nigella Lawson

This voluptuous vixen in the kitchen has stolen my husband’s heart.  And it all started with this innocent little fruit salad

Mangoes and blueberries and pomegranates…Oh my!  Such a simple salad and weeks of listening to him gush over it.  What got him hooked was her imaginative way of seeding the pomegranate…cutting it in half and bashing it with a wooden spoon over the bowl.

Hmmmph! He says she is a pure genious.

If he should come home early from work and her show is on then all things cease to exist.  I am made to endure his frequent “ooooh’s” and “aaaah’s” and “why can’t you make this for me?”

Dear husband goes into an almost-giggle-filled-sigh (<–that’s DH right there) when she unabashedly opens the fridge and munches or nibbles this and that…or sits on her couch and shamelessly scoops  a heaping spoon of something delicious in her mouth.

“Now that,” he says, “is a real cook!”  Oh puhleeeze…I don’t see you drooling whenever I do that!!! LOLOLOL 

“Look how easy that was to cook!” he says in an exasperated voice.  Well yeah… she has a handful of people who prepare everything in advance for her.  That’s why its so easy.

So dear husband…

Buy me a Kitchen Aid  just like hers

and all her enameled cast iron cookware

And some extra grocery money to shop at some of those gourmet grocery shops.

Oh…and don’t forget a few of her cookbooks too!

Just see what I will cook for you!

I’ll have you licking the bowl, the plate, and your fingers too and begging for seconds…“ooohing” and “aaaahing” after me (my cooking that is) 

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4 Responses to My Husband is in Love With Another Woman…

  1. Pancake says:

    I’d say you’re dh has a food-porn addiction 😀 That’s what its called, when people can watch and ooooh and aaahhh at food shows/books/blogs/photos. Maybe he needs to check in to a rehab :))

  2. MaryAnn says:

    LOL, I guess so…that will rattle him 🙂

  3. Noor says:

    LOL I am in love with her too how can you not be the way she talks LOL this apple is as luscious and green as the fresh Spring grass LOL.

    • MaryAnn says:

      LOL, yeah I know. I have to admit that I do enjoy watching her too. Most of her recipes are so easy and seem so delicious…especially how she goes about tasting them sometimes, LOLOL

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