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As Pretty as a Picture

I was driving around my old neighborhood in Ghafiyah today.  This is an older neighborhood filled with a lot of run-down homes built together all helter-skelter and dirt roads that ride like a roller coaster because of the ruts and … Continue reading

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Summertime: Love It or Leave It or…

Remember to count your blessings and be thankful. Used to when I was little, I would get very excited when summertime would come along.  It meant that school was over for 3 months.  It meant a vacation renting a house at … Continue reading

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I Know That I Am Right!

I am right and I know that I am right. My husband knows that I am right but won’t admit it! Ugh! The summer here in my part of the world is intensely hot.  One day this past week the … Continue reading

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I Spy

When I drive, sometimes I wish that all I would have to do is blink to automatically take a picture of all of the things I see. In Buteena, between the multitude of apartment buildings with their narrow walkways,  boys … Continue reading

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Where There’s Smoke…

There’s fire! So my housemaid comes running in the house… “Madam, Madam!  There is a fire outside!” So (of course) all the kiddos just have to run outside to go and take a look.  The air was heavy with smoke … Continue reading

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