Buses and Trains

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

I have nothing to say but good things about the Dubai RTA (Roads and Transport Authority). All of the people who helped us first-time bus and metro users were so nice and so very helpful. I am so happy for that experience!

I was always so apprehensive taking the bus and metro before. I don’t know why. It was so easy and I feel that a new freedom has been opened up for the kiddos and me.

Two weeks ago was the first time my children and I rode on the bus from Sharjah to Dubai. We took bus E301 from the Jubail bus station which is right next to the Sharjah Fish Market. The kiddos and I boarded a double-decker bus and left Sharjah at about 10:30am and reached the Rashidiya Metro Station at maybe 11:15am. We then took the Red Line all the way to Dubai Mall. It only took like 40 minutes or less. The whole trip was hassle-free. I could only imagine how my nerves would have been shot if I drove from Sharjah all the way to Dubai Mall!

When we reached our destination we did have to take a feeder bus to the mall. The bus driver did wait until the bus was packed until he left and the trip to the mall was only like 5 minutes.

Coming back from the mall, my mistake was to leave there at rush hour (around 5pm) and the Metro was full so there was no seats for us. Getting back home was easy. I suffered no headache from driving the infamous Sharjah-Dubai road traffic! I left that totally to the bus driver.

What I really liked about the buses and metro was that there was a separate section for Ladies and Families.

The kiddos had a great time riding on their first bus ride and train. Our outing to Dubai lasted 9 1/2 hours and we were all tired when we got home!

The cost of our whole trip was pretty reasonable too. The bus ride from Sharjah to Dubai to Sharjah was Dh5 for each of us. So that was Dh25 each way. The round-trip metro ride for 5 people was Dh35 and the feeder bus fare for 5 people was Dh35. Daisy got to ride for free since she is under 7. All in all I spent a total of Dh120…not bad at all considering I was free from driving in Dubai and the headache associated with it! LOL

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