A Dinosaur in the Tree

There was something huge lurking, living in that tree

For a good many years, a friend of the family was always telling her husband that she wanted to move out of their home.  Um Ali always told her husband and children that there was a dinosaur living in their loz tree.  Her family would look up into that tree and never see what Um Ali say.  She was scared to go by that tree and was especially scared to go out at night and pass by that tree.

No one ever believed her.  They all thought that old age was creeping up into her mind and making her see things. 

Then just the other day her son saw the dinosaur that was living in that tree.

It was a huge chameleon…if you can believe it!  How many years that lizard was living in that loz tree.  The family thought that it was a pet and must have escaped from someone’s house back so many years ago.

The son saw the lizard.  Got it out of the tree and with the frantic insistence of Um Ali killed the poor chameleon.

There isn’t a dinosaur in the tree anymore.

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2 Responses to A Dinosaur in the Tree

  1. Name Here says:

    Noooo that’s awful! Keep the dino!

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