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Brrrrrr…I Am a Wimp

My dad always jokes with me that if the temperature gets below 100F that I am freezing! Well yeah he is right.  I am so used to the temperatures being over or around 100F (what is that in Celsius…32C?).  I … Continue reading

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Buses and Trains

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy I have nothing to say but good things about the Dubai RTA (Roads and Transport Authority). All of the people who helped us first-time bus and metro users were so nice and so very helpful. I … Continue reading

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Struttin’ Her Stuff

Stupid is as stupid does A British woman stripped down to her bikini at Dubai Mall after being confronted by a group of Muslim women about the way the Brit was dressed.    Read the article here. All I can … Continue reading

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Two more weeks before Ramadan ♥♥♥ Children and Plastic Bags and Doorbells…Oh My! Yesterday my doorbell was ringing continuously and I was caught off guard for a yearly tradition celebrated by children here in the UAE. Every 15th of Sha’aban … Continue reading

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