Anything Cold is Welcome

Anything cold, cold, cold on a hot summer day!

Whew!  It is hot and humid outside!

So what feels good?

An ice-cold bottle of Pepsi. (I love Pepsi!)

Ice-cold watermelon taken out from an ice chest full of ice.

Iced tea with a squeeze of lemon.

Ice cream…any kind of ice cream!

A bath with cold water after spending all morning in the kitchen cooking.  For the summertime we have 50-gallon containers of water in each bathroom.  The water in the containers is so cool and refreshing, MashaAllah and Alhamdulilah.  The exhaust fan quit working (I Know That I Am Right!)

Sitting directly in front of the AC and fan.

A kiddie pool filled with water (which is still hot from the hose) but cooled down with 5 bags of ice!  Really!

Oh yeah!!!  It feels gooooood! 🙂

Winter come quickly!

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