Like a Bowl Full of Cherries

My head resembles a plastic bowl full of  black cherries

fake cherries

I had a very bad experience.

I colored my hair the other day with haircolor I bought from the store.  I bought the new L’Oreal New Casting Creme Gloss, color #550 Mahogany.   The box said the color was “mahogany” which sort of chocolate reddish brown.

I applied the color.  My head was burning.  I suffered a massive migraine…and my hair turned into a nasty black cherry color that had hints of magenta!!!  Does anyone know who the Plastic Heads are?  They are a  punk band from the 80s.  They were the first things to pop into my mind.  The color made my hair resemble a plastic bowl…a black cherry with a magenta sheen. 

Mahogany…yeah right!

Oh boy!  I wanted to cry!   I am still upset every time I look into the mirror.

The color would have looked good on a young thing who was into a Goth look but not on a 40-yo mama with 5 kiddos! 

Ugh!  Double Ugh!!

My hair looks really fake for sure now…not natural at all.

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2 Responses to Like a Bowl Full of Cherries

  1. Jasmine says:

    Home dyes always look crazy for the first week or two but after a few washes it should fade – or has it already been that long?
    I’ve had some bad experiences with hair dye too.. I used to dye my hair every colour going but now it’s all natural and it’s a good feeling :D. What colour is your hair naturally? An ash dark brown should sort it out if your hair is naturally dark 🙂

    • MaryAnn says:

      Hi, sorry for the delayed reply. I wrote this post four days after dying my hair. It was awful. It was all burgundy. Not me at all. And you know what?! The color didn’t even last long. I have to re-dye my hair. I will look into the color you suggested. But also, I am thinking about just putting henna back into my hair. I am undecided though. 😦

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