Bras, Boogers, and Chocolate

I can only imagine what your first thoughts were!

I love my bedtime conversations with my little 5yo Daisy.  It is funny and awesome if you just think about how a young child views the world and the questions that pop up in their mind.  They are so innocent, MashaAllah.

Well last night Daisy asked me if she would have to wear a bra when she grew up.  I said, “Yes of course you will.”  And she was all like, “Eeeewwwww, that is sooo nasty Mama!”  LOL!

Another question she asked was, “How are boogers made?  And why are they so hard?”  I told her I didn’t know the answer to that.  It was late at night and all I wanted to do was sleep (LOL) not think about how boogers are made.

One other night a while back she asked me where chocolate came from.  I told her it came from cocoa beans and she said, “Chocolate comes from beans?!?!”  She thought that was really nasty.

I guess a lot of things to a 5yo are pretty nasty.

But she also wanted to know if there were any real live princesses in Sharjah.  Out of sleepiness I told her “no” and then I said, “But you are my princess.”  To which she replied, “But I don’t dress like a Princess.” 

“But you are my princess Baby.”  I kissed her and hugged her and said, “Good night.”

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2 Responses to Bras, Boogers, and Chocolate

  1. Hakaru Kai says:

    That was awesome Lol and ii know exactly and the funny thing when ii give my kids those “sleepy” answers ii do it to kinda postpone them for the mourning but,one time my son took one of my sleepy answers to serious.he asked who should he vote for when he gets old enough and ii told him “senator palpatine”(we were watching star wars) and that next mourning he went all day saying “senator palpatine for president,senator palpatine for president”

  2. MaryAnn says:

    Oh my goodness! I thought for sure I replied to your comment a long time ago! Sorry!

    Sis, that was really funny! I wonder what the other kids were thinking, LOL! 🙂

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