I Know That I Am Right!

I am right and I know that I am right.

My husband knows that I am right but won’t admit it!


The summer here in my part of the world is intensely hot.  One day this past week the temperature got up to 50C and that is about 122F!!!  Add in the humidity and it is hotter than that.  SubhanAllah!  

So once the weather starts getting insanely hot the water from the faucets gets to near boiling point (well close to it).  You cannot wash dishes, wash your hands, or other delicate parts of your body, LOL. 

On top of each house sits a large, white water tank.  On most of the houses it is exposed to direct sunlight.  Some houses will have a shed or some other kind of shade covering the water tank.  Over the last few years though there are some really neat inventions that have popped up to cool the water during the summertime.  One of the things I have seen is an AC unit attached to the water tank to cool down the water.  I don’t know how it works.  The other thing that I have seen is an L-shaped hood with an exhaust fan placed over the water tank opening that somehow cools the water in the tank.  At our house we got the plumber to install a simple exhaust fan over the water tank opening.  It is supposed to take the hot water “fumes” (I guess that is what it should be called) and leaves the water not cool but very warm. 

The problem I have with all three inventions is that they all use electricity.  The exhaust fan that we had installed has to be turned on at 7am and then we switch it off at about 7pm.  So that is 12 hours of constant electricity flow. 😦 

So why not just spend a little bit of money to build a shed that in the end will not need electricity?!?! 

And you know what?  The water is still hot but not boiling hot.  But my point is (to my husband) is that it is still hot.  So I ask him why doesn’t he just get a shed built over the water tank.  He says it won’t help.  Huh?!?!

My argument with him is this:

It is 50C outside.  If I park my car underneath a shady carport with a bottle of water on the dashboard and if he parks his car out in the street with no shade with a bottle of water on the dashboard…whose water bottle will be less hot?

He wouldn’t admit that my reasoning is right!

Thus my argument…

I am right and I know that I am right and my husband knows that I am right but won’t admit it!

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4 Responses to I Know That I Am Right!

  1. Jasmine says:

    Haha well you’re definitely right but most men just can’t admit it when they’re wrong!

    • MaryAnn says:

      LOL, yes I know! I just like to give my hubby a hard time every now and then. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I will be heading over to your blog in a little bit, InshaAllah. ♥

  2. Name Here says:

    OMG! WE have the exact same issue at my house!

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