I embarassed my husband yesterday when I yelled, “Oh my God!  No!!!  Goal!!!” while he was talking on the phone with his brother.  LOL…he had to explain that I was watching the World Cup and I didn’t want the US to win….LOL…long story…another post 🙂

The US was playing Slovenia and made a 3rd goal in the second half (they left the first half trailing Slovenia 2-0) but quickly made up for it once the 2nd half started.  The third goal didn’t count because the referee blew his whistle as soon as Donovan kicked the ball…I am sure it was all over the US news of a goal stolen from the US…oh well.

I fell in love with football (aka soccer) back in 1990 after watching Roger Miller from Cameroon who were considered the “underdogs” but did very well, and watching Maradona play, and when the UAE made their appearance in the World Cup and the players were promised a Rolls-Royce for every goal they scored, LOL…imagine that.

I really don’t root for any particular team.  I just like to watch great game and witness some awesome goals, LOL.

I have to admit though that I thoroughly enjoyed watching last night’s US vs Slovenia game.

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