A Friday Snippet

Brick Walls

Sometimes I feel that I am talking to a brick wall.  I talk and talk and talk but I am talking to myself and no one is ever listening (i.e. my children and the housemaid).

Breakfast Time

“Mama why do my pancakes smell like chicken nuggets?!?” Well, now babies it’s because I had no butter to cook the pancakes with and only had the leftover oil from the nuggets that I made for lunch yesterday.

What makes me happy?

The color yellow and the scent of lemons

Things I Am Thankful For…

Alhamdulilah for everything, my health, my family, and that I am a Muslim.  Alhamdulilah.

I am thankful for air conditioning which is a necessity and not a luxury living here in the Middle East.

Deodorant…gosh can you imagine what it would be like if everyone was all stinky? in a crowded room?

Fresh fruit…juicy oranges, Granny Smith apples, watermelon, cherries, apricots, peaches, pineapple, cherries, and grapes.

My handblender for making smoothies…my blender is broken and Alhamdulilah for the back-up.

My husband…he is a wonderful man, MashaAllah.  Who, with Allah’s blessing, works hard to provide for us.

And starting today with no whiney-hineys, cold water, iced tea, fish and rice for lunch, and staying home.

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