My Mother’s Sewing Box

It has been a while since I have sewn anything.  I have been busy crocheting some baby blankets.  Well this morning I went ahead and got out my sewing machine and all the stuff I needed to make a dress for each of my little girlie girls.  I had to clean out my sewing box because “some” people in this house are very, very messy (I am not talking about me…just a particular daughter who is currently taking fashion design…hmmmph!) 🙂

Anyway, back to my sewing box.  It was so messy, messy.  I like things nice and orderly especially during sewing so I won’t go crazy looking for this and that and then I will get sidetracked.  Well, I was sidetracked this morning.  I spent (i.e. wasted) a few precious minutes organizing it.  I found beads, erasers, thread remnants, a tooth (I don’t know whose), pens, pencils…all in my sewing box.  Alhamdulilah it is all nice and orderly now.

As I was cleaning up my sewing box, I was remembering when I was a little girl.  My mother had her own sewing room.  She had her avocado green Singer sewing machine on a big table, a couch, a sewing form (sort of like a mannequin but used for fittings), all her knick-knacks for sewing, and her sewing box.  It looked like an olive green treasure chest.  Inside of it were all of her colorful spools of thread and bobbins with matching thread nicely place on little pegs.  Her sewing needles even had their own compartment.  She had a drawer for buttons.  What I liked most about her sewing box was the buttons.  She had buttons of every color, shape, and size.  The buttons fascinated me.  I remember sitting there and carefully counting them and sorting them by color and then by size or stringing them through thread.  After I was done admiring her buttons I would carefully put them all back in their little drawer.

I was allowed to carefully look through my mother’s sewing box just as long as I put everything back and watched out for the pins and needles.

Back then as a 10 year old girl (gosh! that was like three decades ago!)  I considered my mother’s sewing box the “holy grail”.  From the simple contents of that sewing box my mother was able to make magic…dresses, Halloween costumes, curtains…MashaAllah she could sew anything.

My mother still has the same avocado green Singer sewing machine and the same plastic olive green sewing box but they no longer make any more magic.  There just aren’t any children or grandchildren around for her to make those little outfits for anymore.  They just sit unused on a table somewhere in her house.



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2 Responses to My Mother’s Sewing Box

  1. Umm Aaminah says:

    A’salaamu alaikum ukhti. Did the green box have a wood-look to it but made from plastic? Because if so my mom had the EXACT SAME ONE. It’s a beauty for sure!

    Ma salaama…

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