A Little Red Dress in The Making

I have been procrastinating too long and I need to get it done quick.

I got out the cloth, scissors, and pattern…

School is almost over and there will be a party soon enough…maybe next week!

So this is my little sewing project for Rosebud.  InshaAllah it will be finished tomorrow.  I made the dress knee-length and I just need to sew on the sleeves and a ruffled hem and then add on some little pretty sunshine yellow rick-rack and buttons.

The material is so red, pretty and vibrant!  (It looks kinda orange here…its not).

When it is done, Rosebud will wear some pretty red tights underneath the dress.  We will just need to go and find some ballet flats or sandals to complete her outfit.  I can’t wait (she can’t wait) until its finished, LOL! 🙂

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2 Responses to A Little Red Dress in The Making

  1. Sarira says:

    asalamu aliakum, sis!

    Did you finish it yet? I wanna see! Hehe! MashaAllah!

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