To Always Be There

I want to be remembered by my children as the mother who was always















and more…

I want to be the mother who is always there for them.

Sarah over at Slouching Past 4o has written a 5 post series dealing with the feelings and difficult relationship she had towards her mother.  Her posts are very touching, very real, very raw.  Even if you did not have the same difficult relationship with your mother as she did with hers, I feel that every mother can learn a lesson from just reading her posts…you might question yourself,

“Am I doing enough?” or

“I am the best mother I can be?” or

“Am I always there for them?”

I know that I made a lot of mistakes in the past (I still do) with my own children.  I am not a perfect mother, or rather the mother I wish myself to be.

“I am far from a perfect mother. But I am a present mother. And for a parent to be here, not there, not elsewhere, it counts for nearly everything.”

“When I poke and prod at my feelings about my mother, what I discover there is pity, pity for a woman who missed out on so much and who never even knew it, pity for the waste of a life scarcely lived.”

Her writing is very powerful.  If you are interested please start here:  Frontal Lobe Deficits:  Part 1




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