This Homesick Texan

I talked to my good friend Belinda today (which is really yesterday).  She cooks THE BEST Mexican food ever.  My husband likes having her over because she spoils us with her homemade Mexican food.  (I am drooling just thinking about it!)

I made homemade tortillas for dinner tonight and stuffed them with a potato and egg filling.  I haven’t made tortillas or Mexican food in forever.  When I was rolling out my tortillas it showed.  Instead of being all nice and round, the first few ones were shaped liked the different states in the US.  LOL!

When Belinda comes home from San Antonio to the UAE she brings her Mexican groceries because she knows she won’t find it here.  If I am able to go back home this summer, InshaAllah, I am gonna bring back a big ‘ol box of Mexican groceries…maybe two boxes…huge, gigantic boxes.  I don’t care how much it will cost!

Here in the UAE, you cannot cook any Tex-Mex food from scratch and any local substitutions aren’t just like what I grew up with.

It has been extremely hard to find these products here:

Masa Harina is essential for homemade tamales

Masa Harina

Dried Corn Husk Wrappers

I need the Masa Harina and Corn Husks to make tamales with

I need dried pinto beans to make refried beans with

refried beans

And dried Ancho Chilies to make homemade enchilada sauce…yum!

And I can’t forget my favorites like Rotel

Cajeta which is carmelized goat milk….yummmy!!!

or Ibarra’s Mexican Chocolate

and last but not least my favorite spices

Bolner's Fajita Seasoning

Bolner's Chili Powder

The best place on the web to find the kind of Texas recipes I grew up with is at Homesick Texan.

And it didn’t help that I stumbled upon this site Go, Pop, Go! and his recipe for BBQ Beef Brisket.

You know, it is almost 1am and I just couldn’t sleep.  I am feeling so homesick (and hungry!).  I haven’t been back home in two years.  InshaAllah I get to go this summer.  Ya Rubb!

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6 Responses to This Homesick Texan

  1. Sarira says:

    awwww, inshaAllah you get to go this summer and bring all the gigantic boxes you need! ❤

  2. Texan in UAE says:

    Sis, I get a lot of that stuff here. Remember I told you I seen the dried pinto beans at lulu? I can cook this stuff here. I miss the tamales. Yum. I don’t make them anyways. But, they have fajita seasoning here, too.

    • MaryAnn says:

      I remember you telling me that you got Rotel at LuLu’s but I didn’t see it here in Ajman. Years ago they sold the dried pinto beans in Spinneys but everytime I go they don’t have them and Spinneys “say” that they can special order but I request and they never come through for me. I know that you can by the canned El Paso brand (like the Fajita seasoning) products at Spinneys but really it isn’t the same as real homemade and I am particularly fond of Bolner’s 🙂 I haven’t ever seen the stuff for tamales. All the Mexican food products I have found here in my part of UAE are all processed food. Maybe I just need to pop on over to your part of the UAE 🙂 Love you ♥

  3. pancake says:

    assalamu alaikum,

    oh inshAllah you’ll have a wonderful trip to TX, and you’ll get to enjoy all the wonderful goodies you’ve missed. I miss tamales too, but am too lazy to make them myself, LOL!


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