Little Drops of Sunshine

Every May the acacia tree in the front yard drops its little flowers unto the courtyard.

If the floor outside isn’t swept everyday it will all be covered in little yellow blossoms…little drops of sunshine…as I like to call it!

The girls like to pick them up, especially Daisy…it keeps her busy in the afternoons 🙂

sunshine on the table

I thought that was pretty.

and then after all the flowers are picked up

they end up in the basket on the back of Daisy’s bicycle

she rides around the house happily carrying her little drops of sunshine

Ahhhh, the joys and ease of childhood!

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2 Responses to Little Drops of Sunshine

  1. Mujahada says:

    Aww that’s beautiful subhan’Allah! lol and so cool in the basket of her bike! i love it mash’Allah 😀

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