Where There’s Smoke…

There’s fire!

So my housemaid comes running in the house…

“Madam, Madam!  There is a fire outside!”

So (of course) all the kiddos just have to run outside to go and take a look.  The air was heavy with smoke and the fire sure was close by.  There are two abandoned villas a couple of doors down and I thought for sure it was coming from there.

So I went and put my abaya on and the kiddos and I got into the car to see where the fire was.

It was two streets over and there were a ton of cars in our neighborhood heading to see where the fire was too.

Right near our little neighborhood masjid was the fire.

The fire was coming out from the second floor of the villa.  Poor people.  InshaAllah no one was hurt.

When I was a little girl, my father would go and chase (follow) the firetrucks and when he saw smoke he would drive over to that area.  It was the little excitement in his/our day to see something different.  I guess it rubbed off on me too.

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2 Responses to Where There’s Smoke…

  1. Mujahada says:

    Insh’Allah no one was hurt! Subhan’Allah @ how BLACK the smoke is!! 😀

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