Summer is Here

And has been here since March!  It is hot in the daytime but still very pleasant at night.

The best thing about summer is all of the fruits that come into season.  This past weekend The General went out and bought teeny-tiny pineapples and juicy, sweet watermelon from Saudi Arabia (who would have guessed that watermelons grow in Saudi!) MashaAllah they were so sweet.  This was my first time ever cutting up a fresh pineapple.  After I was done there were still little polka-dots on the sides! 🙂  I didn’t core it because I think the core is good to eat too.

It was all sweet and yummy!

When I was a little girl, my mother would cut off the top of the pineapple and stick into a pot of soil and it would grow!  We never got a pineapple but I guess it reminded Mama of home (the Philippines).

This weekend Rosebud bought some cute little Converse-like sneakers that have a pastel rainbow stripe on them.  They are too cute.

When I was growing up, the only colors Converse sneakers came in were black or white.  A few years ago on Ebay it was all the rage to see these little sneakers painted with designs of Mickey Mouse and other cute characters on them and they were so expensive.  I remember wishing I had some plain colored sneakers to paint up for my little girly-girls and now here they are.  I just might do that.

The weather the past few days has been absolutely…we ended not having any rain here in Sharjah though 😦  On Friday we BBQ’d some fish (pronounced  Hell-Why-Oh in the local Arabic :P)  Usually it would be hot right after noon time but it was gorgeous.  We were all sitting out front underneath our carport area and the breeze was lovely, MashaAllah.  We could have eaten out there but we didn’t.  And the evening time was just as gorgeous like going-to-the-beach-at-night-and-BBQing kind of gorgeous.  The night was clear, cool, and breezy. (sigh)

And now that the start of  summer is here we have to figure out what to do with our kitchen.  There is no AC in there and it gets unbearable in there during the peak of summer.  I’ll be cooking and sweating a river.  No joke!  The General was talking about getting a portable AC or knocking a hole in the wall and installing one of those window ACs.

InshaAllah it gets done soon because oooo-weeee sweat coupled with a fried onion and garlic smell is all…

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4 Responses to Summer is Here

  1. Erika says:

    YUM! The watermelon and pineapple look delicious!!! They look sooo sweet! Thankfully, my mom brought some watermelon from the grocery store today…so I should be having some soon 😉

    Those shoes are cuteee…

    Hope the kitchen problem gets solved soon! 🙂

    • MaryAnn says:

      Well, you know, the watermelons back home in Texas are waaaayyyy better 😛 and i am not being biased at all 😉 My dad used to bring home a huuuuugggge watermelon and we would stick it in the cooler and then have a good-old fashioned watermelon suck! LOL

  2. Nice! I had no idea that watermelons went out from here! They are good though aren’t they?

    • MaryAnn says:

      MashaAllah! Nice to see you here Sis! 🙂 Yes, it surprises everytime I find a fruit or vegetable coming from Saudi Arabia. SubhanAllah…and MashaAllah the melon was sweet 🙂

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