A Peek Into My Courtyard

Awww, this morning I thought for sure that it was going to rain!  SubhanAllah, the sky was dark towards the Gulf and it was cool and windy.  It was so perfect this morning.  But now it is a little hot.

When it rains here I get so excited.  Why?  Because we hardly ever get any rain.  It will rain maybe two or three times a year and it usually starts in November signalling the start of winter.  The rain “season” will usually end in January but there have been times that it will last all the way up to the end of March.  If we are fortunate we will get rain more than twice a year!  When it does rain the weather gets cooler, the desert comes alive, and overall I will be in a great mood!

So in my happy mood this morning I went out and took pictures of my garden.  The trees seemed to be dancing in the wind caught up in the expectation of some rain tocome.

Be forewarned:  There’s alot of pictures in this post!

This was the sky this morning.  You see, the sky was all gray.  You can see my henna tree/bush in the picture too along with the chicken coop.

You can peek out up to the gray sky through my loz tree

This bird’s nest was hanging from our henna tree/bush for about 2 weeks and had 4 little speckled eggs inside but then my son found the nest on the ground with no eggs inside or on the ground.  The nest is about 8 inches in height.

Here is an upclose picture looking into the inside of the nest, SubhanAllah how perfectly circular the entrance is

My chico tree and the neem tree with its tiny white blossoms were holding hands

See my little chicos?  They will be ready to eat in a couple of more months

I have two palm trees in my garden, and this is one of them

And some lemons from my lemon tree

This is at the back of my house with another chico tree and our tall date tree

This spot at the back of our house needs to be utilized better.  It is right outside the back door and I am thinking of putting a table and chairs back here to enjoy my morning tea or coffee.  It is right under a chico tree and the scent is just wonderful.

Cleo my cat was following me around while I was taking pictures this morning, LOL

This is my ivy patch in the front of the house in the courtyard.  Last year we let all the chickens out (there was about 20 chickens back then) and they ate all of my ivy!  I was so upset because the ivy was so green and lucious…it was like a jungle!  It is growing back now, Alhamdulilah.

Here in this part of the garden I have a small rose bush and a hibiscus plant and some other little ivy bushes

And last weekend we planted a banana tree and some red lillies.  This little part was overgrown with a plant called “mother-in-laws-tongue”.  We are going to buy three more banana trees, InshaAllah.

So, are you wondering what a “mother-in-laws tongue” plant is?  LOL I don’t have a picture of it right now but it is this plant that has long, narrow, striped leaves that are hard.  And MashaAllah they just grow and grow and grow (like a MIL always keeps talking and talking, LOL).  Their roots look like carrots.  My kiddos even thought that they were carrots.  When we were cleaning out one patch of the garden the root was like 6 feet long!  It sort of looked like a whip.

And last of all are two plants we rescued from our neighbors house.  They moved away and the plants were dying.  All they needed was some water and now they are flourishing, MashaAllah.

Did you make it all the way to the end of my tour?  Hope you enjoyed the little peek into my courtyard and garden.

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7 Responses to A Peek Into My Courtyard

  1. Erika says:

    I made it to the end…yay! Hehe. LOL @ the “mother-in-laws tongue” :DD

    Nice post,enjoyed it 🙂

  2. texan In UAE says:

    Gorgeous! just gorgeous! masha’a’Allah! Love your kitty. aww

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