We were all ready…

We were all ready to go out.

The kiddos haven’t been out in weeks.

We all got dressed and

were planning on going to the fun fair

in Ajman

They were so excited

You know how kids are

when they know they will be

riding some carnival rides

So we were all in the car


the car wouldn’t start

B   U  M  M  E  R  !!!

Poor babies

They even had money to spend

They were thinking about going




The last one to drive the car

was The Man

Can’t blame me this time

for the car not starting

and the battery being dead


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6 Responses to We were all ready…

  1. Sarira says:

    Asalamu aliakum, Miss Serendipity!

    awww, poor kids! I feel for them 😦 Too bad I wasn’t still living in the UAE. I coulda drove y’all 😀 Although to be honest, the only place I used to drive to was Ajman City Center. LOL.

  2. Sarira says:

    You know- after I posted this, I noticed the grammatical mistake but the stupid internet wasn’t working. Anyways, later that night, it came back to haunt me again!I meant “I could have driven’ them there 😛

    Isn’t it funny to think that we might have passed each other by? 🙂

  3. Umm Aaminah says:

    A’salaamu alaikum. Small world, ukhti! I just found your blog via Chasing Jannah and I have to say I love it! I was in UAE for a wee bit myself and I took my then 1 yr old daughter to the fun fair there too. She rode the pony but was terrified and I got tired of the sand in my shoes so we left. 🙂

    My time in the UAE was kinda surreal so its almost like… “wow that place really DOES exist” when I read about places I have been there.

    Ma salaama.

    • MaryAnn says:

      Wa Alaikum Salamm, awwwww you are so sweet! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and visiting me! I am off to go and check out your blog!

      Hehehe SubhanAllah yes it is a small world. My kiddos want to go…again…but now it is just too, too hot. 🙂

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