Eating Rainbows

The past couple of days I have been coloring…

I have been making rainbow cupcakes and dying eggs.  My kitchen has been all red pink purple yellow orange green blue

The reaction of my kiddos has been  Too Funny

The look on their faces ranged from total amazement to being quite perplexed.

I had to color the eggs because every time I boil them and stick them into the fridge I get confused between the raw and the cooked.

The eggs were all so pretty like rubies, emeralds, and sapphire.  Some looked like faraway planets with craters all speckled.  Some even looked like a Hippy’s tie-dyed t-shirt…So groovy!

Too bad we ate some before I took pictures.

The purple ones when we cracked them, were all marbled like slices of purple cabbage!

I also (finally) made some Rainbow Cupcakes.   Little Miss Daisy thought that it was Playdough.  That was hilarious!  And she didn’t want to eat it.  My other three kiddos were all skeptical too and then finally they said

“How coooool!!!”

“Make some for me to bring to school.”

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