My Mother’s Hands

This morning I went out and bought three different kinds of hand lotion.  One was to carry in my purse because I never have any in there.  The other two were the “anti-aging” kinds of lotion.  One for daytime and the other for night time.  Those anti-aging lotions are good for reducing the wrinkles and those age spots that slowly start to appear. 

So I do realize that I am getting old(er) and I can’t stop that.  I don’t like it but I won’t fight it.

When I look at my own hands I think of my mother.

Vanilla essence always comes to my mind.

Her hands are the color of vanilla…

always so smooth



small and delicate

but strong in her own way

My mother never grew her fingernails long and I don’t ever remember her using polish on them either. 

She always left her hands so natural.

My mother is 73 years old now and still has beautiful hands, MashaAllah.

Her hands are still smooth, warm to the touch and delicately aged.

I look at my hands now and I want them to be the same way…

to be remembered the same way by my children.

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2 Responses to My Mother’s Hands

  1. Sarira says:

    awwwwww, I loved this post.

    My mother’s hands are sooo soft, Ma’shaAllah 😀

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