Everyday I Say…

I wake up every morning and I think to myself, “Okay, today will be different.”

But it always turns out to be the same ‘ol-same ‘ol.

Don’t get me wrong, overall I am happy with my life.  Alhamdulilah.  I am really blessed.  MashaAllah.

What I am talking about though is getting my butt in gear and just moving!

I have this huge yard, an elliptical machine, a nice neighborhood with paved streets and sidewalks, and videos to get me moving.  MashaAllah.  But then when it comes time to JUST DO IT!  I don’t.

It is always too easy to get out of the “comfort zone”.  It is easier to just sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and watch the news or check my email or read the blogs.  It is easier to just go back to sleep for a couple of hours after all of the kids are out of the house.  It is easier to just do something else, anything else but exercise.

What can I do to motivate myself?

I read so many things that really make me say, Wow!  I wish that I was like that!” but it is easy to say and not DO IT!

This morning I was thinking of things that would actually motivate me to JUST DO IT!

The thought of growing old healthy.  I don’t want to grow old and have difficulty walking, have heart disease, or diabetes.  A’oothu billah.

I want to be one of those old women who do everything when she grows old.  InshaAllah.

I want to look beautiful and not see this chubby face everytime I look into the mirror.

So I want to be motivated to JUST DO IT!

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