I Know That It Has Been Awhile…

Moving in Slow Motion

You see my computer has time traveled back to 1995 back when Windows 3.1 was the current thing to have loaded onto your hard drive….you remember those days don’t you? It was when you sat down at your computer typed in your web addy and then went somewhere else in the house and made coffee or washed dishes while you waited for your page to load! (Does anyone even remember having Windows 3.1 or even 3.0?? Hehehe!!)

Well I have Vista (I think) loaded on my computer but it is moving soooooooo sloooowwww and yes, I do have to go and make a cup of tea or put a load of laundry in or wash one bathroom or…while one dinky page loads. Oh the horror!!!!

I have been bugging The General to do something about it and he says he will (InshaAllah) and then he asks me, “Well how long have we had this computer anyway?” I tell him that it’s been at least 4 years now. LOL. MashaAllah he knows what to do to fix it he just needs to make the time (hmmmmmm, and double hmmmmm).

It’s all going toooooo fast
February came and went and March is halfway through. I feel like the days are just running into each other and I haven’t got anything accomplished. Does anyone else feel that way? It is like I yawn and the day is over and then it repeats itself all over again. Fajr keeps going back a couple of minutes everyday, so when it used to be at 5:45am is now at 5:00am. SubhanAllah!

And…did you know that in like 5 more months it will be Ramadan?!?! SubhanAllah how the time is flying by. I have 7 days to make up, InshaAllah.

The cool weather in the mornings is slowly giving way to hot afternoons. I’m sad. You don’t even have to go outside to tell the weather is changing. All you have to do is turn on one of the faucets and the water will be coming out hot. Just wait until it is full-blown summer time and then the water will be boiling. Ugh.

Thinking of babies
So I have been thinking of babies a lot lately. A couple of weeks ago The General and I were talking about baby names (and we even argued over it!). He said that if we have another baby (InshaAllah) what would we call the little girl or boy. Well for me I would like Hanna, Hala, Saliha (I love, love this name. It is my dear friend/sister’s name.) or Raya for a girl and for a boy I would like Yahya, Laith, or Yousef. We have a pattern going on with our own children’s names. The second and last letter are “A’s”, so if we have another baby it has to be a name that fits that pattern, LOL.

I will be 42yo in May, InshaAllah, and a part of me wants to have another baby and the other part of me is scared #%$!less. I did a search on having a baby at 40+ and found encouraging, not so scary news. If you are interested in reading the website here it is: Mothers Over 40.  It has a wealth of info for women who are considering having children in their 40s.  There are women out there having babies at 43, 44, and even 50 and 52!  For me… 50 is too old to have a baby. I could not imagine giving birth at 50 years old…that takes a very strong woman!!!

No, seriously! I think that one of the reasons I am not committed to losing weight right now is the fear of getting pregnant again. (Really? Or just another excuse?) I have already had 3 c-sections and the last one scared me to death. But then I know how much The General wants another baby (and I love babies) that the idea of having another baby is very tempting.

So I finally got around to reading the March 13th edition of The National newspaper (that was yesterday March 16th) and found out that two baby boys were abandoned in Sharjah. OMG! The babies, one is 6 months old and the other is 2 months old, were found at the same masjid just a few feet apart. This all happened in the beginning of March. A few months ago there was a baby found dead in the Al Khan area of Sharjah. And there have been a lot of newborn babies being left at the masjids. Alhamdulilah they were left at the masjids and not dumped somewhere, you know? Gosh!  If you don’t want your baby…Then leave them with me!!!  This just breaks my heart.

There are like 8 babies in the shelter right now waiting to be placed with an Emirati family. Apparently though only Emirati families can be a guardian for these children. I know that there are a lot of generous Emirati families out there who have no qualms about supporting an orphan but they need to be in a loving home not a shelter with people who are paid to take care of them. Not someone who the babies bonded with and then will eventually leave to go back to their country. That will be psychologically devastating for a child. Breaks my heart.

The article is a really good read, MashaAllah, especially about giving the baby an Emirati citizenship and then towards the end when it talks about the circumstances that lead a woman to abandon her baby.

Oh Where Oh Where Can She Be?
Raquel is still gone and it is not that she doesn’t want to come back. She does but who knew (apparently not us) that there was/is paperwork to do and fees to pay for her to come back from the Philippines. She went to the airport and they wouldn’t let her leave saying that she needed a work certificate from the OWA office (Overseas Workers Association) to come back and work in the UAE. Raquel called us to send her more money. So we had to go and find out if really this was the case and she wasn’t lying. We had to wire her some money and then she went to the OWA office (she waited in line all day) only to be told that she needed paperwork (labor contract from the Labour Department here, her sponser’s passport copy, and some other forms from the Philippine Consulate) from us. The General had to go and get all her paperwork here and then Fed-Ex it to her. You would think it would take one day for the package to get to her but it takes 4 days. Poor Raquel went back home (which is a one day/24 hour trip) to her village and will have to take that same trip back to Manila and then stand in line all day again to get her work certificate. InshaAllah she has everything she needs. She keeps calling The General everyday to make sure that we really want her back. Miskeena (poor thing).

The computer has taken me away long enough…there is so much to do.



Until next time

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3 Responses to I Know That It Has Been Awhile…

  1. Twizzle says:

    ohhh that totally stinks about the computer being so slow!inshallah if more children is what y'all want, then y'all will get more :Dtime has be FLYING so fast for me too subhanAllah!though the losing weight thing is probably just another excuse–I know because I probably am just like you LOLinshallah Raquel can get back soon!! 😀

  2. MaryAnn says:

    InshaAllah and thanks Twizzle ♥

  3. Alice says:

    Assalam alaikum Windows and Vista in particular – suck!I use Linux Sabily based on Ubuntu- linux for human beings! Sabily is customized for Muslims with additional Islamic software. It's free, beautiful, compatible with many programs, I can surf the web,download, zip or unzip, read books in pdf, DjVu, watch movies, read and create Microsoft Office docs etc. no anti virus needed.http://www.sabily.org/website/I guess I should dedicate a post to it on my blog :)I feel the same about time flying by and not accomplishing many things.I have a whole month of fasting to make up :-O will start next week inshallah.Hot tap water LOL those living in the hot countries know it so well, it's amazing, we don't need heaters to have hot water for morning showers- it's always hot 🙂 kicking the boobs when walking- lol

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