Oooops! That’s The Way It Is…

So the forecast says we are gonna get more rain!  Yay!!!

Today in Gulf News:  Heavy rains, hail and strong winds lash UAE

Please note that in the article it talks about kids seen outside playing when it was hailing…those weren’t my kids…I sent them to bed remember!  LOL

So it rained last night and now all of the streets are flooded and such is the life of living in the UAE…or more specifically Sharjah.

At all of the round-abouts it is flooded and cars have to slowly and carefully manoeuver their way around so they will not get stuck.  If you should happen to live in the poorer parts of Sharjah or Ajman good luck if you are able to get out of your house.  Our old house was in Ghafiyeh and everytime it rained we would have a torrent of a river in the front of our house while it was raining and giant lakes after the rain….plus a trillion mosquitos afterwards!  MashaAllah though Sharjah is slowly paving most of the neighborhood roads.  Almost all of the main roads are paved except for roads near the Ajman border.  Last year the municipality started work on the main road between Azra and Ghafiyah.  I saw that and I told my kiddos that it was surely going to snow that winter in the UAE…and guess what?!?!  It did.  I’m not lying.  It actually snowed in Ras Al Khaimah in the winter of 2008.

The General just called me.  He has been stuck in traffic going at a snail’s pace (in Sharjah) for the past hour.  The roads (especially in the Industrial Areas) are all under water.  It is always like this when it rains here and it is pretty sad because those areas are usually the last to get the water drainage trucks.  He says little Daisy will probably be home before him.

And speaking about Daisy…

Usually she will get out from school at 12:30pm and get home at around 1:15pm.  Her school called at 9:30am to let me know that she was coming home now because not that many students showed up.  Out of the whole rawdah (kindergarten) only 40 students came to school.  Imagine what if it snowed here in the UAE?  The dishdashas-that-be would declare that day a national holiday!  LOL…and that is not a joke.

Seriously though, whenever it does rain here the majority of Emirati parents (ahem…cough…cough)  will not send their children to school and I do not know why that is.  I’m a thinkin’ that they want to find any excuse for a holiday…but that is another story, another post!

Have to get back to cooking.  I’m am making Laham Mitchboos today.  Click here for my recipe!

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7 Responses to Oooops! That’s The Way It Is…

  1. Texan in UAE says:

    salamalikom dear… No rain here.. my hubby called me yesterday, he was at emirates market. He said, is it raining there? I said, no. He was shocked! cause it was hailing where he was.. note: he's only 5 minutes from us.. strange… subhana'Allah! i want rain!!! sooo badly… oh well… your dinner looks good! masha'a'Allah! enjoy!

  2. OmAbdullah says:

    Its been raining here as well. Alhamdulillah its not like sharjah! im not sure about the city, but outside here the roads aren't bad 🙂 Ive been worried since some of the other villas in my compound have had flooded balconies which led to flooding upstairs! eekkk! the drains on the balconies were blocked. Alhamdulillah ours were clear!

  3. Twizzle says:

    as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah, LOOOOL your hilarious sis!! You know, reminds me of back home when I was working for Frontier Airlines. In Colorado since we are used to snow in the winters it takes some extreme weather for the airport to shut down. One day it had snowed in Las Vegas–it was only something like 3 inches but its so rare for it to snow there that the airport actually shut down for like half a day!! How crazy is that??? We were all laughing at Las Vegas that day at work! ohhhhh I love the rain but HATE the traffic problems we get in Dubai because of the flooding in Sharjah!! it usually takes me 5 minutes to get to Carrefour but those streets get packed because of the flooding and it took me like a half an hour the other day!!

  4. MaryAnn says:

    Texan: SubhanAllah…well the rain you didn't get at your house found its way here to Sharjah, LOL.OmA: Alhamdulilah your drains weren't blocked. Did your yard flood over into your home? And water flooding to upstairs? Wow! Imagine what other people who didn't live in the UAE would be thinking…that we had rivers running through the country, LOL.

    Twizzle: My daughter went to uni in Dubai and it took her over 5 hours to get to school! She said that there were cars that you could only see that antenna! A lot of roundabouts turned into lakes, no joke. The industrial area is always hit the hardest and I feel so sorry for those people because every rain their shops and roads get flooded and they are always the last to be helped. When The General came home Sunday he said what would normally take 15 minutes to get home took him over 2 hours. SubhanAllah.And I was all LOL at Las Vegas that was sooo funny!

  5. Om Lujain© says:

    lol.. it reminds me of when I lived in Marrieta Georgia. there was frost, (Not snow)… barely visible on the ground, and they called it a snow day! Later when I moved to Canada, we had snow up to our knees and up to our waist at times and school was still up and running!Rain here is a big deal, I have seen them praying Maghreb and Isha together due to rain… and I don't quite get it, I like rain 🙂 It washes our city after brutal sand storms!Btw.. Great Blog!

  6. Twizzle says:

    ohhhh that is crazy about how deep the water got!!inshallah all is cleaned up by now!

  7. MaryAnn says:

    Om Lujain: Thanks so much for stopping by…people do strange things when the weather is not to their liking, LOL!

    Twizzle: You know here it is 3 weeks after and their are still little lakes in the Industrial Areas. 😦

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