Wonderful Rain to End a Muggy Day

The air was thick with sand today and it has been muggy and hot for at least two days now.  I actually turned on the AC because it was uncomfortable with just the fan on.

I was just thinking too that the weather this winter wasn’t so cold (well cold to UAE standards, LOL).  It stays cool in the evening times until at least March.

But surprise, surprise!! We were greeted here in Sharjah with thunder and lightening and rain, rain, rain.  It was so wonderful!!! I went to pick up Sunshine and Little Man at the shop and the sky was rumbling and flashing with lightening.  The Pretty Pink Princess was scared (poor baby!) to go outside to the car and was worried about the lightening hitting us.  I had to reassure her that the car was the safest place to be because of the rubber in the tires!

Wow!  We just had a big roar of thunder just now.  I have to hurry up and write this up!  LOL

About 5 minutes after getting home this evening it started to rain very hard (Yay!!!) and Iggy my cat snuck into my car to hide from the thunder and lightening. This cat has no courage whatsoever.  It is too funny.

The kiddos were excited about the rain once we were all back home.  They didn’t want to go to sleep and were even more excited when they heard the small pellets of hail hitting the metal AC frame outside.  So they all ran out to the porch and were oooohing and ahhhing and giggling about the rain.  They wanted to go out and run in it at 9:30 at night!  Ummm, NO!  I kept telling them to get back in bed! LOL!

In the States I think alot of people take the rain for granted.  Here in the UAE it is a reason to be overly enthusiastic about rain because it is rare that we get it and when we do get it, it doesn’t last for long!  Rain is one of the things that I miss the most about living back home in the US.

Ooooohhhh!!!  Just think that if the rain keeps up for a couple of more days (at least until tomorrow, please Allah please let it rain a couple of more days!) it will be perfect to go out to the desert for what the kiddos call a “desert safari” drive, LOL.  The desert will be easy to drive on and it will turn green!  There will be little patches of grass and flowers blooming too!  InshaAllah it will rain some more.

Well time to go to bed and drift off to sleep with the soft patter of raindrops outside my window!

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