Remembering Chores From My Childhood

So I am taking a little break after a morning of vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, wiping down tables, laundry, and washing dishes. Whew!

This is life after Raquel. Raquel is my housemaid and she is currently on a one month vacation. A part of me hopes that she doesn’t come back. Having a live-in maid totally invades your privacy. But the pluses of having a live-in maid can sometimes outweigh that negative.

Anyway…So this is Day 5 without Raquel.

These past few days of getting back into the groove of being a housewife again who rediscovers the art of housework has reminded of the lessons my mother taught me growing up.

Hanging out the clothes on the clothesline I remember that my mother would take a wet washcloth and run it over each line to clean it off of the dirt and bird poo that might have made it there since the last wash was hung out. After cleaning off the clothesline then it was safe to hang out the clothes. Before puttting the clothes on the line we had to shake and stretch out the wet clothes so that either we wouldn’t have to iron it and it could go straight to the drawers and closets or that it would make ironing so much easier. Also another thing I remember learning is that the dark clothes needed to be turned inside-out so that they wouldn’t get sunbleached. There was also a special way to hang out the underwear so that you “wouldn’t embarass yourself and be more respectable” (I often wondered who would be peering at the underwear on the clothesline but this is how my mother did so it was a “no questions asked” command). My mother would have me fold the crotch area in half (sort of like pinching it), place it on the clothesline and hang it to where the undies were hanging half-half and then put the clothespin on that “area”. LOL

I also remembered my mother when I was sweeping the dining room floor this morning. There was a special way to sweep. You had to hold the broom bristles down on the floor, sweep forward in a soft gliding motion, pick up the broom slightly, and repeat. Why use a soft gliding motion? So that you wouldn’t stir up the dirt and make it fly everywhere.

My mother rarely used the washing machine. The rare occasions that she used the washing machine was for jeans and blankets. Even now at the age of 73 she stills washes clothes by hand. She would let the wash soak in a plastic tub with soap and clorox if needed. Then she would bend and wash the clothes in the bathtub.

The washing machine that my mother has hasn’t been used in years and she still has the same one from when I was growing up and living there over 20 years ago. The washing machine still sits in its place in the kitchen but now it serves as a storage unit (the inside of it) and she stacks all her other kitchen stuff on top of it.

Now I am getting all sentimental. I miss my mother.

My break is over and it is time to make breakfast then start on lunch.

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