Driving Around and Giggling…Perfect End to My Day

I was waiting since yesterday to have this eclair.  I just didn’t have time to really enjoy it.  So I had it for breakfast with some coffee.

And this is what Rosebud had for breakfast. Hers of course was much healthier, LOL.

I made lasagna today for the kids and me and hubby had leftovers because he hates cheese with pasta.  LOL.  Alhamdulilah it turned out delicious.

Up close and delicious…Yummmmmmy!

After grocery shopping this evening, the girly-girls and me had about an hour to spare before picking up Buttercup and Little Man from the shop.  So we drove around and had dinner on the go (I know bad mama!).  I wanted to go walking along the beach but it was soooo cold and the girls and I had no jackets with us.  We explored a little bit behind some apartment buildings and found some new shops that I want to check out.  One was a tailor with gorgeous Bahraini-style jalabiyahs (dresses).  I didn’t take a picture of it to show here but I will go back another day just to look in the window again.  The girls and I found a Moroccan sweet shop, a really nice shop selling leather shoes and handbags, and a little cafe selling fatayers called “Fatayer Mufadhallah”.

I like to drive around at night because it is then that you can see who just got married.  The parents house of the groom and bride are heavily decorated with lights.  And also all of the windows of the tailoring shops are brightly lit up and you can see all of the beautiful dresses that have been made.

One our neighbors had a wedding party a couple of weeks ago and this is a picture of their house.

The richer the family the more elaborately decorated the house is with lights.  Even the trees will be decorated too.  It is really a beautiful sight to see!

The other day we watched American Idol and there was this one girl on there auditioning who had a very squeaky voice (think actress Meg Tilly) while talking but when she sang it was with a deep voice.  So when we were out driving Baby Doll was asking about that and then I started talking like that.  The girls were so full of giggles and they wanted for me to talk like that from now on.  I told Rosebud that I would go to her school one of these days and talk to her teachers in that voice.  Now she is scared!  LOL (mean mama!)

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