Moonlight Tonight

The moon was full tonight and what I saw and the pictures I took were two totally different things. I wanted to capture the clarity of the moon and it’s light as it looked right above the date tree fronds but it didn’t happen. I shot these pics using the landscape mode. Maybe I shouldn’t have.

When I had taken the second picture I was right underneath the chico trees in the garden. The scent outside from it’s blossoms was so sweet and musky. The aroma from the blossoms is strongest in the very early morning right after Fajr and in the late evening time right after Isha prayers. It matched the haziness and the humidity of the night.

Oh well, in person the full moon was amazing. Just think, Ramadan will soon be here, InshaAllah.

This picture was taken without flash right above the date tree.

This picture was taken with flash between my chico trees, but the moon didn’t come out clear.

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