Back to Being a Housewife and a Weekend Outing

This is Day 3 since Raquel left. She is on vacation for a month. Maybe she will come back. I really don’t know. It’s okay though if she doesn’t.

I haven’t done housework in about six years. Before that I always had Moonbeam and Sunshine to help me around the house. So having a housemaid has spoiled me some.

I kind of miss doing housework though. Friday was the first official day of getting back into the groove of things. I thought that it was pretty easy. I enjoyed vacuuming and dusting and washing dishes. I had the kids help me out some and I get after them to pick up their stuff and to pick up the mess they make (I’ve always done this before anyway).

Friday night I took the kiddos to Ajman Festival. I call it the Chinese Market because most of the vendors are Chinese. Anyway, we walked around the big tent. Buttercup and I each bought nice wallets. I also bought some house dresses and PJs for Rosebud and Daisy. The kiddos rode the carnival rides. After shopping in the tent, I bought chicken shawarmas, one potato paratha (spicy!) and one order of a Cheese and Egg Fatayer (huge!) The fatayer was delicious. The evening was really nice and the weather was cool, Alhamdulilah. Day 1 wasn’t so bad. But I went to bed really tired and hit the sack at 10:00pm.

I woke up early Saturday morning to get a head start on my day. Started a load of laundry and then The General came home really early maybe at about 6:45 am. We got into a little argument. He was supposed to take me driving to the desert (I love going to the desert) but he had other plans and that made me angry. I was looking forward to going out with him. After a while though we did go out…to the Co-op, the bank, and then to check on his boat. It wasn’t what I wanted but I did get to spend a little bit of time with him. He said that Thursday he will take me out to dinner (InshaAllah). I need to find a good restaurant to go to this time. I wasn’t very fond of the Italian restaurant we went to a few weeks ago.
A view of The General’s boat in the foreground
A view of Ajman from Sharjah Beach
I had thawed out a brisket to BBQ for lunch. The plan was to boil it with all the spices and everything and then to grill/smoke it for a while. The General made a homemade sauce to dip the brisket in. The brisket turned out delicious, MashaAllah. I made spiced-up kidney beans and potato salad to go with the brisket and it was a wonderful lunch, Alhamdulilah. I told the kiddos that this was Bill Miller Day. The little ones had no idea what I was talking about and Buttercup only remembers the iced tea from there.
For some reason (maybe I just ate too much) Saturday was hard. The dishes kept on piling up. MashaAllah, maybe it is because we are a big family. I got frustrated very easily (more than usual) about the little mess everywhere. I made the kiddos go through the house and pick up all of their “stuff” that didn’t belong everywhere else in the house. Ugh! It drove me crazy! I did two loads of laundry and I am not looking forward to ironing!

I was just too tired so right after lunch I took a siesta for a couple of hours. I slept so good but then woke up with a headache.

I made a hummingbird cake last night for Buttercup to take to school. The girls there will be celebrating their teacher’s birthday.  While I made the cake, Buttercup made cream cheese frosting for the cake. The cake came out uneven (sloped) so she trimmed off the top some. Little Man and I snacked on that part of the cake and it was delicious! I need to make some today again for the family.

Little Man offered to wash dishes last night and I let him. Afterwards I checked how good of a job he did and I had to re-do some dishes because he wasn’t so thorough (smile). Even before going to bed he helped me pick up in the living room. Poor habibi…he is such a good boy, MashaAllah. But last night we went to bed soooo late. It must have been almost 1am!

I am typing this up during my break from housework. So I have to get back to it or else I can be online all day.

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