Guava, Guava makes you smile


Saying “Guava” your mouth gets a gentle workout.  Your lips go out and then sideways and your mouth ends up in a smile.  Try it.  Your mouth can’t help but smile afterwards.  Guava. Guava. Guava. 

I have a box of guava sitting in my kitchen.  A box of 20 cost Dh 13.95 (US $3.82) at my local co-op.  When they were bought they weren’t ripe yet.  You could tell because they were still green and hard and (most importantly) they didn’t have they wonderful guava scent yet.  But now, after three days, they are slowing turning a pale yellow and their guava scent is slowly emanating from kitchen to the rest of the house.

I am not a huge fan of the guava.  I mostly like it for its wonderful fragrance.  I can’t explain what exactly it smells like, just smells like guava.  See, you just smiled again!

The guavas I have are not excessively sweet and the taste and texture is like that of a pear.  I really have no clue as to how to exactly eat a guava.  I didn’t think that you could eat the seeds but apparently you can.  I thought that eating the tablespoon or so of seeds that a guava contains might get stuck somewhere in the insides of my body and then I would really get sick…maybe appendicitis, inbetween my intestines, or something.  I don’t know.

Anyway, I did I search on how to eat a guava.  You can actually eat the whole thing.  The skin is packed full of vitamin C (wow! who knew?!).  You have the option of eating the seeds or scooping them out with a spoon.  Take a small bite and savour the unique taste and then enjoy the whole thing. 

While you eat a guava (especially if it is winter time where you are), close your eyes and pretend to be sitting on the sand, beneath the wonderful, warming sun, listening to the gentle lapping of the waves…because that is what eating a guava conjures up…the sun, the sand, on a faraway tropical island.


Enjoy a guava.  See made you smile again! 

Here is a link to some recipes from RecipeZaar that contain guava.  Some look very interesting.  Guava Cake?  Guava Flan?

Have a nice day!

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4 Responses to Guava, Guava makes you smile

  1. HishMaj says:

    Good post! I am really a BIG fan of guava but I miss the ones that is available in Saudi.

    Guava seeds are some of the hardest thigns ever because when you try to make guava juice in the blender, the seeds come out intact unlike grape and orange seeds that get mixed into the juice.

  2. MaryAnn says:

    HishMaj, thank you for your comment. My daughter makes a really wonderful guava smoothie but she scoops the seeds out before blending. She wasn’t available for the recipe. I’ll post it later if I get the recipe from her.

  3. ummadam says:

    I love your blog design this is my first time seeing this layout! Masha’Allah.

    Funny you mention Guava. I just made me and the kigs Strawberry Mango ,m And Guava Smoothies (frozen strawberrries). I can’t believe you like the fragrance. Stinks to me. Smells like Kitty Litter!

  4. MaryAnn says:

    UmmAdam, how funny, now when I go to the kitchen I will be sniffing that and avoid thinking about that. 🙂

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